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At Wellternative, we are dedicated to offering you a unique spectrum of services that not only rejuvenate your body but also redefine your approach to wellness.
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What We Offer

Medical Supervision

Let a passionate, highly trained team supervise and optimize your path to a healthy you.

Preventative medical interventions

Let us modify your current diet, exercise regimen and sleep pattern to help you prevent the 3 largest causes of morbidity today – cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

Pre and post operative optimization

Did you know if your body is optimized prior to surgery that your post operative course is significantly shorter with less pain? We have the means to get you through surgery in a much better way than no preparation at all.

Sleep Health Optimization

Sleep is a very important part of your health journey. It improves mood, decreases stress related hormones, helps prevent excessive weight gain, boosts the immune system. We have natural tricks that can help improve your sleep patterns rather than swallowing a tablet like most doctors prescribe.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is an overlooked modality of modern medicine but there are a vast range of benefits. These include immune system stimulation, reduction in inflammation, improved circulation, elimination of bacteria, fungi and viruses, pain relief, improving brain function and memory etc. Let us hook you up to a line of wellbeing and vitality, done in a safe secure environment.

IV Therapies

Every day living takes a lot out of you which cannot be replaced simply by diet. Supercharge your wellbeing with some carefully constructed IV solutions that will make you feel young and vital again and will help prevent many common diseases and ailments.

GIT Optimization

There are trillions of bacteria in our gut (microbiome). They play a major part in our homeostatic mechanisms. Keeping them well nourished and in correct proportions will make a significant impact to your health and wellbeing. We have a test for assessing and supplements for balancing any issues found in your gut.

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Activate and balance the muscular forces around the central core by utilizing a revolutionary technology EMS suit. Relieve pain, rehabilitate injured muscles or joints and see how phenomenal you feel. We use the Katalyst suit which is the only full body EMS device FDA cleared for consumer use.

Please note that all services and intravenous therapies are significantly discounted add ons to membership.